Window Glass Film Anti-explosion Bulletproof Window Film Safety Film

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Changzhou,Jiangsu,China(mainland)
Brand Name: YAHEA
Certification: As You Required
Model Number: BG
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Hard Carton:158*14*12 cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: Negotiation, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000 rolls per month
Detail Information
Name: Safety And Security Window Film Material: PET
Color: Transparent / Clear Size: 157*16*16cm/carton
Glue: High Quality Removable Glue Resistant Temperature: -50°C To +200°C
% Ultra VioletLight Rejected: 99%

Product Description

Window Glass Film Anti-explosion Bulletproof Window Film Safety Film


Product introduction


Bulletproof film is a functional glass film that can be attached to the glass surface. It is made of high-strength PET polyester film, reasonable structure design and film thickness design, and compounded with high-brightness pressure-sensitive adhesive. Strong cohesion, anti-tension, strong acid and alkali resistance, can maintain good physical properties even at high temperature. Its main features are: one is to protect the glass from breaking or reduce the probability of glass breakage under normal use conditions; the other is to prevent the glass from being penetrated and ensure that the fragments are bonded as a whole when the glass is damaged by human factors such as gunshots, and Splashes and scattering can cause damage to people or property.

The product has excellent appearance performance, high definition, anti-penetration, anti-spatter, stable performance and long service life. It can be widely used in automotive and architectural glass.




(1) 99% UV blocking: It has a 99% UV blocking effect, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage to the human body and protect human health; prevent indoor items from accelerating discoloration and aging due to ultraviolet radiation, greatly extending the life of the items.

(2) Weather resistance: multiple functional materials, excellent heat insulation effect, good stability and long color retention time.

(3) Enhance the safety of glass: After the product is bonded to the glass, it can greatly enhance the toughness and impact resistance of the glass; effectively avoid the accidental injury caused by the broken glass and splash, and reduce the damage and property caused by earthquake, hail, typhoon and other accidents loss.

(4) Beautiful decoration: beautify the appearance of the building, add color, and improve the overall effect of the building at a low cost.

(5) Reduce glare, create a harmonious and comfortable indoor space environment; prevent light pollution, protect the environment and vision.

(6) Abrasion and scratch resistance: Maintain apparent integrity and aesthetic effects.

(7) Anti-spatter and anti-penetration: in accordance with "GB / T 29061-2012 Functional Film for Architectural Glass" anti-spatter (side shot of the shot bag, the total mass of broken glass does not exceed 80g), anti-penetration (4kg steel The ball falls at a height of 3 meters, and the sample does not penetrate).

(8) Bulletproof performance: F64 grade bulletproof in GA 165-2016 Bulletproof Transparent Material.



Item Standard Value Test Value Reference standard
  qualified qualified GB/T 29061-2012
UV transmittance ≤1% 0.60% ASTM D1003
Visible light transmittance (85%)±3% 86% GB/T 29061-2012
Scratch layer hardness ≥2H 3H ASTM D3363
180 ° peel strength ≥400g/inch 881g/inch GB/T 29061-2012
Color uniformity △E*ab≤3 CIELAB 1.3 CIELAB GB/T 29061-2012
Abrasion resistance   2% GB/T 29061-2012
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) content ≤0.05mg/cm2 0.01mg/cm2 GB/T 29061-2012
Aging resistance 1200H Visible light change≤5%
Decrease in peel strength≤20%
qualified GB/T 29061-2012


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